Semester Exam Calculator

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What score do you need on your exam?
Percentage on a 100-point exam:

To get an A you need: 250  
To get a B you need: 200  
To get a C you need: 150
To get a D you need:
(This is passing)

The formula used for the final semester grade is:   

Semester 1:  40% * Term 1 + 40% * Term 2 + 20% * Exam-1

Semester 2:  40% * Term 3 + 40% * Term 4 + 20% * Exam-2

Use the calculator above to determine how grades on the semester exam will impact your final semester average. Go to the Gradebook Summary screen on the student or parent portal and find your current semester average Sem-2. Put that in the input box and hit calculate. Numbers will display on the right that will show the grade you need on the final exam to get to a certain letter grade.

The semester average is the current average of the quarter grades and will change as additional 2nd quarter grades are added to the gradebook. The final semester grade will also include the final exam as part of the average. Keep working on your 4th quarter grades to get your semester average higher before the exams. Be sure to turn in all work and take advantage of Terrier Tutoring to help with homework and writing assignments.

How does the calculator work?
Each quarter grade counts as 2/5 (40%) of your final grade and the exam counts 1/5 (20%). Since the current semester average is just the average of the two term grades, it can be used as an estimator by multiplying it by 4 and subtracting that number from the various point values needed for certain letter grades:

A    450 points is 90%
B    400 points is 80%
C    350 points is 70%
D    300 points is 60%

So the calculator multiplies your average by four then subtracts that number from each of the cutoffs
450-400-350-300 to determine how many points you need on the 100 point final exam.
For example, if you type in 78 for your average, it will show you that you would need an 88 to get a B, 38 to get a C, and you already earned a D because it shows negative points. You would have to get a 138% to get an A which is not possible on a 100% test.